Preca College Alumni Association

We are thrilled to announce that after many years of informal discussions, meetings, and life challenges, we are finally taking concrete steps toward forming the Preca College Alumni Association.

Our aim is not only to share beautiful memories from our college years through periodic meetings but also to try and help our college.

No one better than us can promote Preca College. We can also provide valuable help to present students of our college through career counseling and more.

If you like this initiative, and you want to know more or to contribute to its realization please fill in the following “show of interest” form and help us spread the word by sharing it with your ex-classmates.

Click here to get the form or contact us at or through Whatsapp number +355696863790.


The mission of the Preca College Alumni Association is to become a connecting bridge between Preca Alumni, Preca College and Preca Students, to enhance the image of Preca College, to support Students in pursuit of academic, professional  and extracurricular goals, and to promote initiatives giving back to the Albanian community.

The Preca College Alumni Association aims to provide  interactive ways for alumni to stay in touch worldwide through virtual or local in person events, networking, sharing of ideas, opportunities to offer up expertise, mentor and lead initiatives. The Preca College Alumni Association will also aim to promote initiatives and fundraising events to help support the Albanian community, with a particular focus on the city of Korça. However, as it grows, it aims to develop more coordinated efforts to organize charity events that will have a bigger impact in the lives of the Albanian communities

        Preca College has produced generations of very successful Alumni. It is time that we give back to the School by supporting Students in pursuit of academic extracurricular and professional goals and by promoting the School’s name and achievements by sharing our success stories. This way, we can honor and support our tradition of excellence and celebrate and promote the collective experiences unique to Preca College.


The Preca Alumni Association will work closely with Preca College to mutually strengthen and advance the association’s core values, vision and mission.   

As the Preca College Alumni Association is still in its first steps, the first goal is to create a database for the Alumni as well as a forum for them to come together and exchange ideas, professional expertise and opportunities with the School, the Students and with each other. 

As the Association grows, strengthens its foundation and advances its goals, the Preca Alumni Association will eventually turn into a valuable lifelong networking resource and provide valuable and unique benefits to the Alumni and the Korça community.

Lastly and most importantly, the Preca Alumni Association will strive to instill a culture of giving back, pride and philanthropy among Alumni and Students and become a source of inspiration and a beacon of hope for the Korça community and the Albanian community in Albania and abroad.