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School Activities

Various activities are organized throughout the school year. They involve the participation of students, teachers and other contributors. These activities are listed below in chronological order:

1. Excursion – students have the possibility to go to different places and at the same time enjoy themselves during this small break from school.

2. Parent’s day – these meetings are held twice a year. The first one is on November while the second one is on February. These are days-off for the students while for the parents they are opportunities to discuss with the teachers about their children’s progress.

3. Christmas show – students organize a show where not only they demonstrate their talents but they also transmit an important message related to these Holy days.

4. Prize Day – this is the day when students are awarded for their hard work, efforts and excellent results in the exams. Such an important day is accompanied by a show set up by the them and the teachers. During the show it is clearly seen that studying is not the only thing they are good at: students can show their talents in different fields such as: music, dancing, acting, reciting etc.

5. Graduation Day – the most important day for final year students. Three years of hard study lead to this one big and proud day. Bittersweet would be the right word to describe this moment. Students are happy that they reached the end of the line but they also can’t help but feel sad for separating from their friends.

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