Why Preca?

Fr. George Preca was the founder of the Society of Christian Doctrine, which runs Preca College. He was born in 1880 in Malta, ordained priest in 1906 and dedicated his whole life to befriend people with Jesus. After his death in 1962, he was canonized saint in 2007.

Father George founded this Society in Malta in 1907 with the aim to help the Catholic Church with catechesis. Its members are all lay and they all have a job according to their specialisation and study. But in the evening they dedicate their time for Catechesis.

In 1958 the Society started its formal pastoral activity outside the island of Malta and nowadays it has centres in Australia, London, Kenya, Peru and Albania. It will soon have centres in Poland and Cuba.

It was back in 1993 that the Society received an invitation to take care of this college, which it accepted with open hands. The Society continues to run the school sending members and also finding the necessary funds to keep the school up to standard.

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School History

Aug 2020

The project “Energy Enhancement at Preca College” was financed by Renovabis. The project included the replacement of the diesel powered central heating system to one powered by gas, the construction of an attic, the installation of thermal insulation on the school building, the installation of air-conditioning units in the teaches staff room, and the installation of a solar water heater to provide for the school’s hot water.

Mar 2020

A new video projector was installed in the IT Lab.

Dec 2017

New computers for the IT Lab were donated by Mr Ledion Bitincka, an ex-student of Preca College.

Mar 2014

Our school places third from 500 schoools in Albania in the results of the Matura Shtetërore 2013.

Sep 2013

Completion of the media room equipped with a video projector and internet. A smart board was donated to Preca College by the Korça Education Department.

Mar 2013

Preca College ranked in the first place in the national examinations(Matura Shtetërore) of June 2012 out of all the high schools in Albania. The results were recognised by the Ministry of Education in Albania.

Sep 2011

A survey was carried out about Internet Use Amongst Children. The survey was carried out by students of Preca College, supported from their teachers and also from the Korça Education Department.

Sep 2010

Inauguration of the first school website and Facebook page.

Sep 2009

Replacement of the artificial turf of the football pitch, financed by SOS Albania – Malta. Laying of rubber surface on the ground of the gymnasium.

Sep 2007

Completion of the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Labs, financed by Renovabis.

Jun 2006

Our students take part for the first time in the Matura Shteterore. They score the best results in the city.

Sep 2005

Completion of the IT and Computer Lab.

Sep 2003

The 10th anniversary of the school was celebrated.

Sep 2000

Renovabis, a German non-governmental organisation that helps ex-communist countries, financed a project to extend the existing building of the school and also to build a fully functional gymnasium. This project was completed in the year 2002.

Oct 1997

The Maltese staff returned to Albania on October 5th 1997 to open the school and to start the academic year 1997 – 1998.

Jun 1997

On June 1997, the Society sent three members once again so as to organise the Matura examination. The final certificates for the first group of students who completed successfully their studies at Preca College were also given.

Mar 1997

On 12th March 1997 the political uprisings started all across Albania, including Korça. The school was attacked and completely damaged. The Maltese staff was forced to leave Albania for safety reasons. The school was in great danger of closing its doors once and for all.

Thanks to the Albanian teachers at that time, the school continued in spite of going through those difficult times. A committee of teachers and parents was set up. The committee, together with some people from the municipality of Korça requested the Society of Christian Doctrine to send some members once again so that school activity could resume. The Society of St. George Preca did not abandon the students and gave permission to the Albanian teachers to open the school again.

Sep 1996

During the scholastic year 1996 – 1997, Preca College started following syllabi based on the International Baccalaureate Organisation guidelines. This was also the year in which the first group of students completed their studies in Preca College.

Sep 1993

The official opening of the school was on the 26th of September 1993, while the first lessons took place on the 27th of September. During that first year, the school had 50 students divided into two classrooms.

Together with scientific education, the school has also been giving physical and cultural education. From the very beginning, the Prize Day has always been celebrated as a special day for the school and it is one of the main events in the school calendar. on this day, students with the best results are given a prize in front of their teachers and parents.

Apr 1993

The first three Maltese members of the Society arrived in Korça to prepare for the opening of the school. These were Mr Carmel Camilleri, Mr Vincent Mangani, and Mr Gaetano Caruana. The city municipality offered a building to be used as a school, the same building which is still being used today. Initially the building had been used as school to train students in the construction industry and it had only six classrooms.

Aug 1991

Two large ships filled with Albanian citizens escape from Albania to Malta. Inspired by its Christian values, the Maltese state responded to those people in need. This was material help. After an invitation from the municipality of Korça, Malta also helped by providing education. The Society of Christian Doctrine accepted to opena high school of European standard in the city of Korça.

Feb 1991

Fall of communist regime in Albania