English Language & English Culture

Each Lesson 45min

English Language is taught during all three high school years. Students have 4 hours of English Language and Culture each week.

Level - B2, B2 Advanced, C1

Throughout the 3 years of High School the students will reach the C1 (academic level) in English  language.

Classes start on September 14th

The date may vary each year.


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Develop the ability to communicate accurately and effectively in speech and in writing within a range of contexts.


Provide the students with a sound linguistic base for the farther study.


Provide the opportunity for enjoyment, creativity and intellectual stimulation.


Enter into discussions and express opinions


Demonstrate an awareness and appreciation cultures with which they will be introduced in the due course of study.


Demonstrate accuracy and variety in their use of both spoken and written language through understanding and responding appropriately.