Every year the school organizes different excursions, twice a year. The most common places which students visit are Voskopoja, Dardha, Voloreka and Macedonia. During the excursion students are accompanied by the teachers. They spend a nice day with their friends talking, walking, visiting different places or playing different games. They organize different activities within the excursion.

These days are special days, especially for the students because first of all it is not a school day. Also it is a day in which students relax and take a trip out of the country with their class mates. 



 The day in which excursions are organized is considered a school day and students are obligated to come. If they don't they are considered absent as in a normal day of school.

Students meet at the school building at 8:30 and than each class go into a bus and they travel to a village or city. When they are ready to return the same bus pick them up and return back to Korca.